Charter Management System

SKYfly Charter, your first choice in Charter Management

Significant benefits for Airlines:

  • End-to-end solution — from signing of the contract to settlement
  • Flexible interfaces to inventory systems
  • Connects to our in-house and every other Order Management System
  • Supports all common interfaces and NDC
  • Seamless integration of extra services and feeder flights

Proven solution in aviation and tourism

ISO Software Systeme constantly integrates new sales channels and service providers. ISO has deployed their system-based solution reliably at numerous Airlines and Tour Operators.

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Are you still working with passenger lists?

Agreements, allotments, booking numbers, passenger lists – all of this has not changed significantly since the first journey to Bangkok was organized 50 years ago. Needless to say, we support these standard processes. And so, what if the customer has special requests like a ordering a special meal, reserving a seat or a feeder flight in addition? Traditional systems show considerable weaknesses: duplicate entries, manual effort, increase of avoidable costs and from the customer’s perspective, not the optimal service.

We are proud to introduce SKYfly Charter as the first Charter Management System on the market that supports both NDC and ONE Order, based on the IATA standards. Overall, resulting in substantial cost benefits and improved service.


Process optimization

With SKYfly Charter, seat reservations, extra services, and even feeder flights from different sources can be combined in one single tour operator booking. This will all be merged into one data record with the “Match & Merge” functionality, in line with the main principles behind ONE Order. This means tour operators, airlines and service agents will all have the same booking reference to be used for processing and settlement.

Intelligent settlement

SKYfly Charter invoices the tour operator as soon as the trip is completed — including the final passenger status. The system also records which extra services were booked via which sales channel and who is responsible for the settlement of said service. The airline industry is in constant change, new standards are being introduced and the ISO Software Systeme solutions are specifically designed to optimize the cooperation between airlines and tour operators.

Fulfill special requirements

Whether it is seat reservations or extra services like shuttle flights from other providers, SKYfly Charter’s Match & Merge combines different travel products to one enticing package.