About us

Experience in software development for the travel & transport industry since 1979.

About ISO-Gruppe

The ISO Software Systeme GmbH has established a solid reputation as a major player in IT consultancy, software development and related services. Our customers from the aviation industry, including airports, airlines and air traffic control as well as ground handlers and FBOs, trust in our software development, which is based on methodology, technology and industry knowledge.



Currently, our SKYfly line of products is used by around 20 airlines worldwide. Both SKYfly Revenue and our Airline Retailing Platform SKYfly Res have been certified as ONE Order capable by IATA standards. ISO Software Systeme GmbH itself has been certified by IATA for NDC Level 4.

The ISO-Gruppe was involved in the development of ONE Order from the beginning. Based on our expertise from various projects in the travel & transport industry, we strongly believe that NDC and ONE Order will become a game changer and will help airlines and other transport companies to offer tailored products and services to their customers and this is crucial to engage people to travel again. Read more about the ISO Gruppe under www.iso-gruppe.com/en .


Our road to One Order


- The ISO-Gruppe presents rail interface via NDC at IATA Interlining Workshop

- Development of MVP for Charter Contract Management SKYfly Charter for four small airlines  



- Proof of Concept: Integration of third-party supplier (Europe Assistance) via NDC

- FLYGTA Airlines from Toronto, Canada launching customer for SKYfly Res V1

- Certification for NDC Level 4 and ONE Order

- First provider presenting a prototype for Settlement with Orders



- Case Study “From Sales to ONE Order Accounting”

- ONE Order Pilot with Condor; second pilot proving that our Revenue Accounting System SKYfly Revenue is able to work with ONE Order messages  

- Development of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for Offer and Order Management